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New trends come and go but how does one know if it’s worth a try? Double Cleansing was one such trend that emerged since the buzz word #KBeauty started taking the Indian skincare market by storm. So, is it really something you must look into? Well, we are here to break it all down for you.


You skin goes through a lot throughout the day and if not cleansed properly dirt and pollution can accumulate at the surface of your skin potentially contributing to breakouts, dehydration and even ageing. Cleansers are essentially the foundation to your skincare routine. P.S. A quick swipe using your makeup remover wipe or splashing your face with some water in the shower won’t cut it.

Regular cleansing is crucial to the health and appearance of skin to maintain proper hydration and moisture levels while also clearing any pore blockage. Cleansing also helps maintain healthy pH levels which in turn enables healthy water and skin care product retention. Hence, no matter your skin type- you need to incorporate a cleanser into your routine.


As the name of the technique implies, double cleansing involves washing your face with two different cleansers. Double cleansing is essentially one of the most effective way to remove impurities that can cause acne and premature aging. Basically, this routine is intended to help clean the skin more thoroughly. The first cleanser would ideally be an oil-based cleanser that will dissolve makeup, sunscreen, and other heavy products. This step will be followed by a water-based cleanser that gets rid of anything that’s left over. At the end it ensures that your face is squeaky clean and there is no trace of pollution or any environmental factors in turn helping the serums, moisturisers, and other products work well on your skin as they are able to get into your skin more easily.


It may seem like an extra step that needs to be added to your skincare routine. But, if you’re someone who falls under the below two categories, you might want to give double cleansing a shot:
Category 1: If you wear heavy or transfer-resistant makeup.
Category 2: If you have very oily skin and are finding that your regular cleanser isn’t doing justice. 


So, if you decide that double cleansing is right for you, you'll probably find that it’s mostly beneficial at night when you have makeup and sunscreen to remove. In the morning, you can start by washing your face with just your regular cleanser. 

Shangpree that is one of Korea’s leading skincare giants, also called the ‘…pinnacle of Korean skincare” by Forbes Magazine is one of the first Korean brands to bring this popular ‘Double Cleanse’ to India. We have included cleansers from our S-energyTM range to further enhance the benefits that you will receive from this routine. These cleansers are some of the most talked about and loved cleansers by skincare professionals and media worldwide for achieving the ultimate double cleanse. P.S. They work well even when used alone.

So, what is so unique about the S-energyTM range?
It is formulated with Korean botanicals and our trademarked S-Energy™ Complex which is one of the most scientific and meticulous extraction of benefits from raw botanical ingredients and its main purpose is to work on improving cell regeneration and reduce signs of aging on the deepest level. The products from our S-energyTM collection are suitable for every skin type including most sensitive skin as they are non-irritating. What makes it even better is the fact that they are free of the ‘artificials’ i.e. paraben, fragrance, alcohol and colorants 


Step 1: S-energy™ Cleansing Gel
It is a powerful oil-based formula that effectively breaks down stubborn waterproof makeup and sunscreen while drawing out impurities and refining open pores. The lightweight formula is non-comedogenic and is ideal for all skin types, including sensitive and breakout-prone skin. 

Step 2: S-energy™ Facial Mousse Cleanser
It is a delicate foaming cleanser which features an amino-based formula, to gently cleanse even the most sensitive skin types. The 100% non-irritating low-pH formula enriched with oxygen and herbal extracts remove impurities without disturbing moisture levels so skin is left fresh and hydrated.