About Shangpree


“How can I get better skin?” SHANGPREE’s history began with this question from one of our clients. With its roots going back to one spa bed in 1990, SHANGPREE provides the ultimate solution to true beauty with estheticians’ signature formula and the Holistic beauty treatment system. SHANGPREE esthetician asks questions to know you and your skin concerns.

They value relationships and actively listen to your life stories and lifestyles to understand.

On achieving your beauty, SHANGPREE has a key to your answer.
SHANGPREE inspires you to find your ultimate solutions with carefully crafted formulas made with accumulated skincare know-how from a vast clientele.





Ask about beauty and Answer with ultimate.





Your true beauty is revealed through estheticians’ well-organized spa treatment. SHANGPREE esthetician asks questions to know you and your skin, and SHANGPREE has a key to your answer,
on achieving your beauty.

Practice and training to grow into a professional esthetician It takes 3 years of time for Shangpree’s Estheticians to give facial treatments and therapies to clients.

During these three years of journey, Estheticians will systematically go through a process of training starting from how to wash clients’ feet, understanding the human body and mind, and meticulously practicing them.

Reinforce the professionalism of Estheticians through constant training.

Even after three years of practice and training, Shangpree’s Estheticians are repeatedly giving and receiving mind training every day. Additionally, as there’s more to the skin than meets the eye, they also acquire knowledge of not only anthropology and muscular system, but also human psychology, and enhance the capability and improve attitude as well to serve our clients holistically.




The competence of Shangpree Esthetician recognized at home and abroad Shangpree Esthetician’s professional competence has been proven by numerous awards in various competitions.

 Since 2008, Shangpree has participated in the skin beauty contest every year and has won a total of 122 awards in various fields. Especially in the ‘Beauty Therapy Function Contest of CIDESCO’, one of the characteristic skin beauty contests in Korea, we consecutively won the Minister of Health and Welfare Award, which is the highest honor, and Shangpree’s unrivaled technology and competence have been acknowledged.