The Pinnacle of Korean Skincare

Since its inception in 1990, Shangpree has focused on perfecting the amalgamation of their Estheticians Wisdom and Skin Science in order to bring to you nothing but the best in skincare!

We Combine Tradition with Technology

Shangpree experienced the need to combine their aesthetic know-how from the Shangpree Spa along with independent development of raw materials. For this very purpose the ‘Shangpree Dermatology Research Institute’ was established in 2016. The know-how on the manufacturing of cosmetics obtained by directly applying the products to the skin of actual customers in aesthetic practices are the assets of the Shangpree Dermatology Research Institute that differentiate it from other research centers.

Shangpree’s Esthetician Formula

Based on our professional expertise, Dr. Wol-Hee and award-winning master estheticians have developed an extremely gentle yet effective skin healing solution known as the “Esthetician Formula”. With the highest quality and natural active ingredients, Shangpree products provide healing to your skin, body and soul. You can experience Shangpree Spa’s signature treatments at home with our time-tested products.